Q: How long will my order take to ship out?

A: Your order will take 3-10 business days to be packaged and shipped out. If delays arise, we will send an email to inform all customers! 


Q: What are the condition of your items?

A: Our items are all in new condition! Before being shipped out they are inspected for cracks, bite marks, or scratches. For more info on this, check our terms page. 


Q: Are all your items Genuine Lego?

A: Our items are all 100% real LEGO unless stated otherwise. We do sell custom items that may be decaled or have customized printing or molding, yet we do make sure you know that, before purchase, by clearly stating that is a custom!


Q: How much is shipping for orders?

A: All orders are 4$ worldwide! 


Q: There is a problem with my order! Help! 

A: Don't worry about it! Contact us through Instagram @legoswfanatics or send us an email legoswfanatics@gmail.com


Q: Can I send you an email or DM for a special request?

A: Yes of course! We love hearing from our customers! Feel free to send us a message or email anytime :)


Q: Do you accept returns?

A: No we don't sadly. We only accept returns if there is a problem with your order.


Q: How often do you update your store?

A: This can vary as we don't have constant flowing supplier. If restocks or new items are updated into the store, we will inform you by posting it on our Instagram @legoswfanatics. We will only update our stores during the weekends. 


Q: I have more questions, but it isn't answered in your FAQ!

A: Just shoot us an email, legoswfanatics@gmail.com or message us on Instagram @legoswfanatics. Also check our terms page for more info about our store and policies!