About Us

Hi it's Jordan! Owner and Founder of the third party store, Star Wars Fanatics Store. I live in San Jose, California and am at the moment 16 years old! I created this website because I realized the huge demand for Star Wars minifigures. I wanted to create unique look by creating my own website to sell my wide selection of products rather than sell on third party sites such as Ebay and Bricklink. I developed a love for LEGO around the age of 8! Not just any LEGO, Star Wars LEGO. I single handedly run this store, and I always try my best to give the best customer support! Not only are my prices and selection great, but my desire to satisfy a customer's needs! That is my number one philosophy, to do my best to guarantee a customer's needs and requests! I hope that gives you a little backstory about this store and myself. If you have questions about the store, policies, products, or myself, feel free to send an email to legoswfanatics@gmail.com or check out our Instagram @legoswfanatics . I hope you have a wondeful day! Happy shopping!