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About Us

Jordan Nguyen 

CEO and Co-Founder

I initially created the idea to start SWFanatics as a sophomore in high school, and have continued growing this business as a current freshman attending UC Santa Barbara. To say the least, my undying passion for Star Wars Legos has pushed me to pursue a number of ambitious actions in the field of entrepreneurship. With over 400 different designs in the Star Wars lore and Lego only selling a handful of them, I have always wanted to expand my collection of customized clones. Being a student with little to no money to buy these expensive legos, I first began making them myself. However, I figured that I can turn this into quite a profitable business and with the help of my little sister, we were able to expand SWFanatics. Since then, it’s been crazy to see how far all of our hard work, late nights, and efforts have brought us both undoubtable success and countless experiences to learn from. I have loved legos since I was a baby and I really hope I can continue this passion of mine. 

Emma Nguyen  

COO and Co-Founder 

Even as a rising senior in high school, the expansivity of the Star Wars realm continues to amaze me. When I first began as a middle schooler, I was drawn to helping my older brother, Jordan, create this business as it presented a fun challenge involving legos– something that I have always played with as a kid. I was initially obsessed with different Lego variations from Lego Friends and Lego Disney, and while helping my brother with his business, my fascination with Star Wars Lego grew. The past fews years, I immersed myself by applying my passion and organizational expertise into our business, providing customer support and promoting our custom clones on social media platforms, such as Instagram. As I look back on my journey, I have truly enjoyed working with my brother and am joyful of how much we have accomplished so far!